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Spinladen's 2011 Facebook Status Update Roundup!

So I was gonna do 1 of those end o the year status's in review things and a couple things popped out of interest. This was the year I made a total leap from net privacy to net transparency. Kind of like reverse psychology for the government. If my job was to sit down and figure me out through my net activities...A)you lucky motherfucker, B)good luck, C)HAHAHAHAH

So thru the miracle of Facebook Timeline, I have traveled back into this year's past and remembered all sorts of moments that I have forgotten about. It made me realize I love the fuck out of the lot of you as well. So with that, expect a short lil random sampling of my years best. Mind you that I had over 1700 posts this year, so you'll be lucky to see .03% of that in this upcoming roundup.

In no particular order but by month and only a random picking from each (I DARE someone to actually read all these off my facebook and find me their top 10. PLEASE!!) ...

just watched the most sultry bachelorette party erupt in the middle of linkin parks pre show martini fiasco in a hotel bar all the while we play grand piano. the frost festival has yet to even begin and i raged enough for four people as is.

What's going on in Egypt is revolting.

Over the years, I've noticed that most of my problems contain molecules.

All the world's problems could be solved w a few strategic dance-offs. Rumor has it Putin does a wicked Running Man & Cheney the "Carlton"

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring one gaga album, how would you kill yourself?

Try something spontaneous today, like combustion

If God really does live inside me I hope he's in the mood for pot smoke and j├Ąger. #causethatswhathesgettin

Just bummed a cigarette from a guy wearing a diaper and a gold blazer. My life's not as good as it could be. #jealous

my spirirt animal is a broke down casio keyboard

gonna make a facebook app called 'which world leader are you?' and regardless of how you answer everybody gets hitler

In ancient times, when water was too precious to spare, firemen used insults & threats to intimidate the flames.

I bet if society collapsed, Batman would be seen as a historical figure sainted by the Catholic Church within 200 years

"I have a dreamsicle!" -Martin Luther Kingsicle

FACT: "Et tu, Brute" is latin for "That's how you're gonna play me, Homie?"

Want to be tough, but also show your soft side? Become a drug snuggler. #nuglife

Be responsible and conscious of the choices you make. A moment of love directed to the physical plane of existence in which you dwell outweighs many bad decisions directed towards it.

I just watched an epileptic with a lisp fly a kite indoors. I couldn't even make this up

If a girl is puking I will always hold her hair back. That way I can aim her head and use her as a vomit gun. #chuglife

We're bombing another country in the Middle East? Yawn.

Smoking a blunt in honor of the Royal wedding. You may now refer to me as your Royal Highness. #nuglife

You call them "pajamas." I call it a "Walmart Tuxedo."

God. Right-Click. Save: TheQueen.doc #RoyalWedding #LifeHacks #CorruptFileSave

If I die in these tornadoes tonight, say it was autoerotic asphyxiation or something. Anything but that I died a redneck death. #dothetwist

Wiping your ass and finding no shit on the toilet paper is equal to a Flawless Victory in Mortal Kombat.

Once evolution gets around to it, it's going to be an awkward few months for the first dude born without nipples. #motorboatTHAT

Don't call me lazy unless you've walked a couple of steps in my flip-flops.

Life never prepares you for walking in on your dad sitting in the tub surrounded by candles and listening to Wham's "careless whisper."

Remember when we had to put film in cameras? We were such stupid fucking assholes.

Woke atop a hayrick with the legs of my pants knotted around my throat & 8 empty wine bottles dangling between my toes. Best. Rapture. Ever.

If you haven't been raptured yet it's probably because at one point in your life you thought crocs were okay to wear

Despite what you have heard, AEROSMITH will not be performing "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" at todays OPENING RAPTURE CEREMONIES in NYC at 12PM

BECAUSE OF CONSTRUCTION, some parts of the MIDWEST could be facing up to a Two Hour Delay for the #RAPTURE TOMORROW, tune to 1600AM for info

So does anyone know if I should bring my tomato plants in for the Rapture? #iftheworldendsonsaturday

Given a choice between Rapture and "Rap Shore" (a Jersey Shore spinoff about Mike The Situation's rap career) I CHOOSE ZOMBIE DEATH EVERY TIME

RIP Randy "Macho Man" Savage. My heart goes out to all members of the dried-meat and fake-beating-people-up industries

I bet Jesus would listen to more of wat i got to say than you guys. wait till he gets here. nothin like a wingman who can water walk

"I like big butts and I cannot lie." ~Homeless smokers. #bumlife

I'm convinced McDonalds holds the key to zero point energy by the way I shit a metric ton after eating only a quarter pound.

The T-shirt cannon is an American invention because we're the only ones who would try to figure out how to shoot casual clothing from a gun.

Watching a 2-hr documentary about cheerleaders and crying because I'll never be that light and throwable. Just another thursday over here

Star wars themed hot dog cart: The Admiral Snackbar.

hey websites, don't worry about me
I'll accept the fuck out of yer terms and conditions

They drilled two holes into my concrete tomb: one right above my mouth to prevent suffocation and another near my arm so my body could be kept alive through IV feeding. I couldn't die even if I wanted to

I devote way too much time trying to figure out a way for Wolverine and Rogue to have sex.

‎"Okay now, finger your G string." -me teaching a student to tune his guitar

i been shitting in every abercrombie dressing room i can find and aint NOTHING changin!

The internet is a Rube Goldberg machine for the end of humanity

if you want to know how it feels to be white trash let yourself run out of toilet paper & see what decisions you make

One time I did so much angel dust, I heard Fred Schneider from the B-52s narrate everything I did for the next week

i am going to take a turtle on a roller coaster and blow his fucking mind

i bet every time sir mix-a-lot goes into a bakery the anaconda around his neck whisper hisses "i don't want none unless they got buns son."

Growing up and becoming an adult was the worst decision I've ever made

I believe in the American dream: to one day build a nipple on the moon so it looks like a giant boob

Wonder how I can get a hold of Casey Anthony so I can offer my expertise in finding the real killers

Typing "Two girls, one..." into Google and clicking "Feeling Lucky?" is as close as I'll ever come to playing Russian Roulette

Think about the sunset from the sun's point of view

Before selling your soul, ask Satan whether he has any coupons or gift cards. Otherwise the manager has to come over and it's a whole thing.

I got hold of a leaked Mayan document pertaining to our final hours. The last thing we'll be served prior to processing is spaghettini.


Dude, if you turn the spaceship lights on and off, they'll think we're an airplane." - Smartest alien ever

Just made me a killer sandwich.
Sprayed mustard gas on it

Every time I get pulled over for speeding, I play the race card. It's a piece of paper I hand over that says "Wanna race?"
Then I take off.

The perfect kiss and the perfect high five are indistinguishable emotionally.

"If laughter is the best medicine, make a medicine that makes people laugh.
It's like I have to think of everything.

Never mix LSD with Cocaine. The last thing you want with a hallucinogen is confidence.

She said: Do u buy ur pants on sale?....cuz at my house they would be 100% off

PROTIP:Never play Leapfrog with a priest.

I bet if there was a foursquare in the 50s there would be a lot of ladies ousting each other as the mayor of the kitchen.

"Here, throw this away for me." ~ People who hand out leaflets

If you're a policeman and need a last-second Halloween costume, just add a mustache and BOOM! Sheriff.

I once pooped in my hand and smeared it on my face while making whale noises to distract people from the fact that I was walking out of a Hollister

It's weird that people need a holiday to dress in costumes & get drunk. It's just a normal weeknight for me

learned just enough magic so I can make religious pamphlets appear to burst into flames in my hands.

Oh man, I just had four E's and LSD
Worst start to a scrabble game ever

I make jokes at my own expense so often that now I'm completely broke.

Candy idea: Chocolate Nerds. They can call them Urkels.

Diarrhea: Same day, different shit.

The fact that there isn't a brand of crackers called Cracka Ass Crackers really makes me lose faith in black entrepreneurial spirit

One of the few memories I have of 1st grade.
A cop came in to give us a speech on some crap and my friend asked "Do cops really love donuts?"
He said "EVERYONE loves donuts!"
Then he gave us all donuts.
Then he tazed & pepper sprayed us

My buddy's mom is Scottish. He tells the story of this one time his dad was sitting at a picnic table wearing shorts, no underwear, with his bits hanging out. His mom says (with the accent) "Achhh Bernie, I cansee your breakfast!

Sometimes I pretend I'm dead to see if my cat goes to get help but it never does

Show me a guy with an ironed shirt, and I'll show you a guy who spends his evenings cataloguing female body parts in his walk-in freezer

Fun idea: Not got kids? Hire a babysitter anyway, say kid is asleep upstairs and not to be woken.
On your return ask where your child is.

I have a really hard time letting go of things
.....according to my Top 8 friends on myspace.

If you have a parrot and you don't teach it to say,"Help, they've turned me into a parrot", you are wasting everybody's time.
The same can be said w dj's in training.


The Holiday Inn is just a crime scene with Wi-Fi.

One day I want to walk into a bank and yell, "Everybody get down!" then give an award to the best dancer.

Do you know where I can find one of the Mayan calendars? I hear they're going out of print next year

Tips For Living in The End Times: Seriously, just stock the fuck up on all sorts of shanks. Shanking is gonna get huge

"Better to die on your feet than live on your knees!" cried the revolutionary.
"That's what Che said," whispered his comrade.

Black Lucky Charms are magically suspicious.

If nobody ever told Emily Dickinson "Yo Emily, let me get my dick in, son!" they really missed a golden opportunity.
just sayin

The Next Level of ILL

Taking it back to its roots...

to make people go...GOD DAMN!

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watch as i start an internet sensation with this post.


Wait for my counterpoint to this video...
Wizard Pirates!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

A Moment from Singularity

Exponential acceleration spiraling towards the broken math of singularity’s edge. The Technological Singularity, The Omega Point, Timewave Zero, and The Law of Accelerating Returns. I bring these theories to your attention because they are mathematically plausible futures. They are different mathematical scenarios that condense to a place in time. Whether you deem them coincidence that they culminate on or around the year 2012, or if you prefer rather to do a little more research and study the mathematics involved and discover that that is just where the numbers end, is what this human era is all about. The information is out there, it’s just a matter of whether you will take them and incorporate the ideas into your own worldview.

The idea of an area in time where certain concepts break down due to their respective exponential growths is somewhat paradoxical. But that is the nature of the times we find ourselves in. We will find that it seems to be a common theme running its course through the spatial ether that surrounds the energy that we call life.

The singularity point is problematic in that it will no doubt generate much chaos and confusion for nearly every human on Earth. This singularity point is a concept that is gaining a tremendous amount of traction in the prospect of a mass, and massive, leap in evolution of the human consciousness. This ‘transcendence’ is lodged deep into the majority of belief systems – from The Second Coming of Christ, to the present day existence of extraterrestrials (whether from telepathic communications or actual physical manifestation and contact).

The question one could ask that pertains to all belief systems is, “What does it all mean?” The single, one-word answer applies to every school of thought, resounding across the ages from the beginning of time, no matter the era, no matter the intellectual level of civilization. It is the persistent echo in every form of philosophy, religion, and esoteric systems. The divine goal of life, of creation itself: transcendence.

How is this transcendence to manifest? After voluminous research and through personal exploration on the matter, I have concluded in the most general manner of illustration, something to this effect. Though abstract in nature, this seems to be the most likely representation, divided through the levels of awareness and awakenings of the individual human’s final, accumulated earth experiences.

There will be those that do not experience the Blink at all, drift right past it with no awareness of what has recently transpired. Confusion ensues when vast, undeniable changes have just been wrought across the universe. The changes will be impossible to comprehend. Panic and the knowingness that one is going mad will plague these individuals.

There will be those who will notice that something had just occurred, but will not be able to define it or remember it in any cohesive way. It will be a grand dream that touch them so lightly. Maybe an angelic glimpse of what could have been, but no vividness, no true remembrance of the vision to light its meaning. A teasing in the mind that something important was just overlooked. Confusion ensues when vast, undeniable changes have just been wrought across the universe. The changes will be impossible to comprehend. A reactive individual, they will allow the panic and madness they see in other individuals to consume them.

Some will feel it rush into them. A profound moment of impossibility stretching taught against their psyche but never able to puncture through the walls of defense that Fear has made so strong. If only they had a helping hand to steer them clear of the panic that rushes in, a tidal flood sweeping them down chaotic, unfamiliar currents. These individuals will experience an immense vibration racking their bodies in undulating waves of incomprehensibility. If only they knew it is merely higher energy, the Divine Light, saturating their beingness. They will not be able to hold the experience in their mind long enough to comprehend what is actually occurring. The accompanying vibrations, voices, entities looking to help in the guise of light and strangeness are far removed from daily life. The amalgamating event culminates, the knowledge to hold the experience is the keystone, and it is wholly missing. The truth of what is occurring is distorted, twisted… violated… fully misunderstood due to the repression of wisdom and knowledge. The keystone is missing! The foot of Fear is placed firmly on their throats.

Some will feel it rush into them, the same as above. But someone close to them will offer salvation beyond the grip of Fear. It will be a loved one who is the anchor in the storm, who offers a loving hand in the form of the keystone. And if the one in fear can recognize the hand as the bastion of hope it truly is, if they have the fortitude and constitution to release their white-knuckled grip on the illusion they once held to be so true… maybe, just maybe, they will have the unwavering resolve to see it through, to ride the turbulent waters of transcendence and beach themselves to safety on the shores of Higher Love. But an enormous strength and an unerring, undiminished trust in the proffered hand is required, for there must be a complete surrendering of everything that was once thought to be reality, a complete surrendering that is the ultimate sacrifice, all founded in the selflessness of Love.

There will be those who have prepared by various means for the possibility of the shift. They will be the ones that have been educated of the process, just enough to hold their ground. A supreme effort of will, of concentration and of focus, will stave the full effects of panic away, all the while suppressing the fear that is eating away resolve like a provoked demon. It is just enough that they can make use of the knowledge they have received. As the occurring and expanding experience leads them to full understanding, the concept of time will impossibly stretch. Slowly the effects of the shift begin to subside as the body and mind adjusts to the new frequencies, but only if they can remain focused through the worst of it.

Then there will be the few who have prepared, mind and body, prior to the singularity of the shift. Through various practices of visions, dreams, and meditations, they have adapted their being to rapidly adjusting to the new frequencies. It will be startling at first, but understanding will quickly dawn as remembrance blooms softly in the chaos. Time as they have experienced it, will cease as their being quickly matches vibrational frequencies. Lost memories of past lives, visions and dreams surface and guide them through the shift and dualistic imbalances will harmonically adjust. Sure of themselves now that they have fully adjusted, they will transcend to the new way of being and will begin searching for anyone needing a hand as they are automatically moved towards their new reality. They will be unable to consciously traverse the new fields of frequencies, but will be guided by their own Higher Self, or the Guides that will be available throughout the process. They are the ones that fully awaken at the exact moment the singularity manifests.

Those that have not only prepared, but have practiced for this time through altered states of consciousness using meditation, lucid dreams, and other transcendent techniques will feel the flood of higher vibrational frequencies surge into their being like an old lover. They have awakened their inner selves to this moment, and they will ride it with great joy and fervor. It is the time they felt would never come. Their being will adjust immediately to the higher states and they will experience dramatically the dissolving of our long-held illusion. Time will evaporate. Traversing the new frequencies will give them the opportunity to seek out those in need of help or guidance, though on a limited scale. They will shine with a powerful light which will let the unprepared know that there are those out there helping, guiding and soothing panic stricken thought patterns. They too, will have their own Guides, their own Higher Selves helping them as they help others.

And there will be the fully awakened ones. The higher vibrational shift will instantly transform them to the higher frequencies. They will know without reservation that the time has come. That the human condition has finally reached its conclusion. They will be Home. They will ride the currents of Love on vibrational frequencies attuned directly to their true being… the always knew they were. The entire human experience will fall about them like a veil of tears. Everything happening around them will be understood as to be in absolute perfection. Each soul, each spirit seen in its perfected state, heading towards their next journey to further their spiritual development, perfectly aligned and absolute to each unique spirit. They further help guide and assist the confused, traversing without thought and able to stay in the singularity for an eternity, as the conceptualizations of mankind were known illusions.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mass UFO sighting in Korea

Fleet of UFOs apparently de-cloaked over Daejeon, a downtown residential neighborhood in Korea.

Witnesses said they saw dozens of very bright objects traveling northeastward very quickly and seemingly in a formation.

“I saw some bright things at the edge of clouds in the sky, which I first thought was very interesting. But then, 30 minutes later, they started to move,” a witness said. “There were about 20 objects in the sky.”

Looks legit in the way they fly in formation in what little of the video I can see, and the coloring is not that of the kind you would get off a chinese lantern....

Legit enough for Korean news to pick it up in the vey least, so we shall see
Awaiting further report and any other input from affiliate I have living in Korea...will update further as news come in.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mass Sighting of UFO in Brazil

Here is an intereting UFO case developing today out of Brazil. It has hit front page in all their Mainstream media news outlets down there apparently.

Witnesses throughout the city are reported to have seen and witnessed it, some saying that it was the size of a boeing airplane. Some had even called the police and Brazilian Air Force. The air force said that there was nothing on their radars on that night for that area.

There are multiple vantage point and witness source video of the event which adds to its credibility factor as well as ruling out CGI fakery from a single source.

The height of the UFO gleamed off of this video seems too high for any possibility of a possible LED type kite or RC airplane to be controlled at. Had it been any lower and I would almost tend to say that it would have been one of those that were seen instead and called this a case closed non event....which I am still hesitant to do till more data rolls in on this event.

Yet with some video/photographic analysis already pouring over the footage, I would have to lean to it being a genuine deal mainly due to the fact of some of the initial observations we gather from this method:

The subtitles in this next video go like:
- Why this is not fake, nor a toy
- There's no color in the internal space, which means there's nothing between the nuclei and the outer ring.
- The center is generating energy, notice the colors.
- Perfect spacing between the outer cells.
- 45 degree angle, which makes it impossible to be a toy.

All in all, my initial reaction to a video such as this would be to claim fake at first glance....yet a city full of avid witnesses claiming its authenticity in conjunction with the Air Force stating nothing was on radar, I will have to lean to the genuine real deal UFO sighting at this time. Even if it was an RC plane or even a light kite, it would register even a minimal radar signature to the Brazilian Air Force's radar which probably have the capability to pick up even flocks of birds and other airborne debris signatures.

I will post any relevant updates here as soon as there are more.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This video is pretty cut and dry to the point with alot of cold hard facts that the public needs to learn to sit down and logicaly DIGEST for atleast a moment if not at all. Time is QUICKLY running out to get the message out to as many people as possible, so it is with that notion I fully back this message's ominous and brooding tone.

With that said....I would like to point out my take on the situation: If ~enough~ people wake up to the "gravity" of the situation in time BEFORE it arrives....its effects will be highly mitigated and rendered almost nill hopefully as its "mission" was to only awaken us from our deep slumber if we could not do so ourselves. It was our cosmic alarm clock dispatched long ago for that very purpose.

As long as we don't hit snooze on this message...the planet as a whole should do fine during the upcoming day ahead.

So please...take the 15 mins in time to absorb some of what has been said by many a person and outlet, but not quite up to the date with the current projections and figures all tied together in 1 easy to watch flick.

And remember....Apocalypse means "the Revealing"....and revealing DOES not have to come with an "Armageddon" which would be "revealed" to us should we neglect to wake ourselves up on our own.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

UFO's Caught on Video in Recent Phoenix Sandstorm

The recent mega sandstorm that hit Phoenix Arizona this past Fourth of July season had some "interesting" easter eggs contained within to find.

Phoenix...the home to the infamous "Phoenix Lights" UFO phenomena now has another one to add to its list of events of interstellar variety.

After careful review and investegation, this occurence can not be debunked as a false in my opinion. Soak up in the knowledge of that much. UFO in high def goodness thanks to CNN cameras....

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nebraska Nuclear Meltdown Simulated

Just came across this technical simulation out of Egypt concerning a possible radiation plume release area of effect if it did happen to occur. I don't feel the plant is in any considerable threat unless we lose any one of the five damns upstream on the Missouri river. That being said, I think it is responsible for the nuclear industry and appropriate organizations & such concerning this and all other plants take the matter seriously and do indeed continue making models and projections of such events in the case of it actually occurring.

Better safe than sorry right?

Of course there will be those that will take the more conspiracy rounded take on well they should. No one should let this sleep un noticed and speculated more power to them.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

War on Drugs and the new "SECRET" weapon against ALL narcotics UNVEILED

I now present to the googling public one of the best kept secrets that is currently being employed on American's without due legal process.

The story originates with a heresay story I heard in passing from a gentleman explaining to me how local sheriffs had entered his home without a warrant and used a handheld DEVICE to beep out the location of some used baggies that used to contain marijuana as well as under a pound in leafy greens.....not even the actual buds.

Upon hearing this, I surely thought it a joke or maybe a mis determination of what happened or what was done in reality. I spent half the day trying to research ANY shred of evidence of such a fabled privacy intrusion device in use by our Law Abiding Officers of the LAW......

Just when I figured it truly a red herring story of complete untruth....I found it.....buried DEEP in google search results.....

This is quite possibly the best kept secret in use in the Unjustified and overbloated "War on Drugs"....a topic too hot to handle in all all surety with the Constitution of The UNITED STATES.OF AMERIkkkA

I'll let the torrent of jaw dropping begin....NOW:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Further proof of Nibiru...and its getting closer

I hate to be the bearer of undebunkable news all the time, but here is the final nail in the coffin on the whole question of whether Nibiru truly does exist or not. Without the government straight coming out and declaring it officially (good luck), this is the closest common man will get to the truth without a rocket or powerful science at their command.

The proof is in the pudding, and its getting closer by the day....and it brought friends.

Dress appropriately.
We're about to have house guests! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Japan discovers 10 rogue Jupiter sized our solar system...NIBIRU is REALITY

Japanese astronomers claim to have found free-floating planets orbiting no detectable star
Continue reading the main story
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'Alien' planet detected circling dying star
Herschel 'fitted with zoom lens'
Astronomers discover new planet
Japanese astronomers claim to have found free-floating "planets" which do not seem to orbit a star.

Writing in Nature, they say they have found 10 Jupiter-sized objects which they could not connect to any solar system. They also believe such objects could be as common as stars are throughout the Milky Way.

So if these "rogue" planets are not in any "orbit" around any discernible star and are roughly 10 AU away from earth.....and NEPTUNE ....which ORBITS `OUR` star...lies at 30 AU......well let me take a wild stab here....THEY ARE orbiting a star....OURS. Just happens to be that their orbit is SOOOO large that we would only notice it the 10% of the time they get in close enough from their long journey in the depths of space....likeo hhhh...Nibiru (Planet X)...which so happens to be make a coincidental return....for 2012.

Case for Nibiru closed.
thank you Japan.

God Bless

Friday, May 6, 2011

Apocalypse Equation Has Been Reached

We've reached "Apocalypse Equation"

A chilling report on the phone call held between President’s Medvedev and Obama prior to the public announcement that Osama bin Laden had been killed says that also discussed by the American President with the Kremlin was that the much feared time for the dreaded “Apocalypse Equation” may be now, not later.

The “Apocalypse Equation” refers to report authored by one of the most secretive women in US intelligence circles named Audrey Tomason
[link to] she is top left in White House Situation Room during the assault on bin Laden compound.

who is Obama’s Director for Counterterrorism and while attending Harvard's Kennedy School of Government wrote a master thesis [now classified by the US as “top-secret”] suggesting that it would be more humane for our world to undergo a “planned and controlled genocide” rather than to see it descend into the abyss of chaos it is now entering.

According to Ms Tomason’s “Apocalypse Equation” the “sustainable population” of our world can only be 1.5 billion human beings, as compared to the United Nations estimate of 7 billion we will reach on October 31st of this year, and the even worse figure of 10 billion estimated by 2100.

Ms Tomason argues in her thesis that our world’s population has been “artificially inflated” for the past nearly 100 years by a “non-sustainable” petrochemical and fossil fuel based global economy that if left “unchecked” could very well destroy all life on Earth, not just human beings.

Independent reports, unfortunately, strongly back Ms Tomason’s dire warnings with one of the most disturbing graphics
graphics: [link to]

produced by the [link to] research group showing that, indeed, our world’s population has grown more since the use of petrochemicals than in all of its previous history.

Important to note about petroleum [otherwise known as crude oil] is that is a naturally occurring, flammable liquid consisting of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons that underpins the entire global economy and which without life as we know it would not exist.

Most people believe that the major use petroleum is for the fueling of vehicles, boats and aircraft through its distillation into various fuels such as gasoline (petrol), diesel, jet fuel, and the like, but they couldn’t be more mistaken as the major use of oil is in agriculture as nearly all pesticides, and many fertilizers, are made from it.

And the most critical fact facing our world today, as Ms Tomason’s thesis points out, is that the “oil boom” of the last century is not only over, the fight by nation-states to preserve our Earth’s dwindling supplies for themselves threatens global war on a scale never before seen in human history, and which, in fact, have already begun as the energy starved West continues to launch new wars to protect themselves from economic collapse.

Most amazing to note about our world’s present predicament in regards to oil is that is one of the longest “slow motion train wrecks” in history as since 1956, it has been warned about.

In fact, it was in 1956 that the great Royal Dutch Shell geoscientist Marion King Hubbert (1903-1989) warned in his presentation to the American Petroleum Institute that our world was running out of oil and that the “peak” production of oil in the United States would be reached in 1970 and for the rest of the world in the first decade of the 21st century.

To visually illustrate his warning he created the now famous “Hubbert Curve”
This is the curve: [link to]

that since its 1956 release has proved 100% accurate with the peak of global oil discoveries occurring in 1963 and the US, indeed, reaching the peak of its production in 1970.

At this point it is important to understand that nearly all Western governments continue to propagate their decade’s long deception to their citizens over the grave state our world is in with regards to oil and energy resources, most especially in regards to the illusion that so called “green energy” projects can sustain us.

Nothing could be further from the truth as these “green energy” [solar, wind, geothermal, etc.] sources currently make up under .05% of total global energy production, do nothing for agriculture (the main use of oil), and to build them up to supply our world’s total energy needs would cost more money than the world has, and would take nearly 200 years to complete.

Ms Tomason continues in her dire thesis that along with the energy and food “shocks” the global monetary systems will face collapse too as it has, likewise, been “artificially inflated” beyond “all sustainable measures” due to its link with oil production.

Making matters worse, Ms Tomason explains, is that since the United States reached its peak oil production in 1970, it failed to “counter-balance” its economy to reflect it, opting, instead, to keep its economy “artificially inflated” by decoupling the US Dollar from the gold standard in 1972 (called the “Nixon Shock”) and allowing their currency to become, in essence, “worthless pieces of paper.”

During the 20th century alone the US Dollar lost nearly 80% of its purchasing power
[link to]

leaving tens-of-millions of Americans jobless as their once mighty manufacturing base was shifted to lower priced overseas markets, a situation termed “catastrophic” by Ms Tomason, because the American currency is, also, our world’s only reserve currency whose deflation has ensured the destruction of “everything.”

To understand how enormous, and dangerous, this complex economic situation has become one has to realize that the Gross National Product (GDP)
[link to]

of the entire world is just over $55 Trillion a year as opposed to over $2,000 Trillion in total debt outstanding leading to what is called “The Great Credit Contraction”
[link to]

which will, literally, evaporate all the wealth in the world virtually overnight.

Most important to understand about what will surely be the greatest economic collapse in human history is that “mainstream” economists will tell you nothing about it, and they reason they won’t tell you is shocking, to say the least.

After the global economic collapse of 2008, Professor of Economics Dirk Bezemer at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands conducted a survey of nearly all the world’s economists to discover why none of the “mainstream” economists (even Nobel Prize winners) failed to see what was coming. What he discovered were exactly 11 researchers
see list of them here: [link to]

who accurately predicted the 2008 economic collapse and they all had one thing in common when creating their models, they included debt.

That’s right; nearly all of the economists in the world DO NOT factor in debt when creating their economic models leaving them worthless to predict what will happen, especially those working for governments having political motivations.

Ms Tomason, however, does include debt in her thesis and further warned that by 2011 the US Dollar “could very well begin crashing,” and which a CNBC news report is, also, saying is now underway.

Upon the collapse of the US Dollar, Ms Tomason asserts in her thesis, the entire global economy will crash plunging billions of human beings, including hundreds-of-millions in Western nations, into the lowest scale of “Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.” [link to]
[link to]

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a theory in psychology, proposed by Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) in his 1943 paper A Theory of Human Motivation that, basically, states human beings will first strive for “Basic Needs” (survival) before they’ll seek “Safety Needs” (comfort), and once having those needs met will strive next for “Psychological Needs”, “Self-Actualization” and, finally, “Peak Experiences.”

Ms Tomason states in her thesis that any population suffering an economic collapse and reverting to “Basic Needs” will be “ungovernable” and pose “tremendous risks” to the state leading to “wholesale breakdown of law and order.”

Ms Tomason further argues in her “Apocalypse Equation” thesis that since the collapse of civilization as we know it is “inevitable,” world leaders should consider the
possibility of “mass genocide” to reduce our world’s population to a more “sustainable level commensurate with our Earth’s resources.”

The chilling genocidal scenario envisioned by Ms Tomason begins with a “limited nuclear conflict” targeted at major population centers, but designed to limit the fallout of radiation. Next would be the release of toxic chemical and biological agents she suggests could be blamed on “terrorist entities” to be followed by forced mass migration of populations to more “sustainable living environments.”

Ms Tomason envisions these “sustainable living environments” as being large population centers with mass transit systems where no personal vehicles would be allowed and the rural areas would be completely depopulated except for government run agricultural “systems.”

Prior to the initiation of these apocalyptic events Ms Tomason argues for the establishment of government run and protected “concentration camps” where “persons of worth” can be protected while the masses of their fellow citizens die by the millions and billions. Those deemed “persons of worth” would include scientists, doctors, technical specialist, etc.

Most unfortunately for all human beings is that Ms Tomason’s “Apocalypse Equation” now appears to be the accepted paradigm of our world’s leaders who see no other option if our Earth is to survive, and leading one to hope that the “gods” will return much sooner than later if anything is to be saved at all.

(All the preceding was from a post made by a member in the GLP forum's, so forgive the formating mistakes, but I was running low on time and wanted to maintain the integrity of this message as best as possible)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Jaw Dropper NASA Sim..Nibiru

Unsure of the authenticity but its looking quite legit as to alignments and dates. Watch this in HD and fullscreen. This is what we are dealing with. Who knows how long this stays online.

Monday, April 25, 2011

When God Incarnate Passes on Day of Resurrection...RIP Sai Baba

Hands that serve are holier than lips that wish - RIP Sathya Sai Baba

This Being of Divine Love Incarnate was genuinely capable of doing miraculous feats that would boggle the scientific mind. God in form and walked amongst the poorest of poors barefoot only to shine his Light upon All with Love & Compassion. Satya Sai Baba had actually fulfilled his prophecy of attaining samadhi by 96 if one goes by the Indian calendar based on nakshatras than by the Roman calendar. A True Avatar that was capable of even controlling his exact escape from this plane to coincide with uncanny synchronistic meaning.

He was an opponent of religious orthodoxy - Christian, Hindu and Muslim. Although Sai Baba himself led the life of an ascetic, he advised his followers to lead an ordinary family life. Sai Baba encouraged his devotees to pray, chant God's name, and read holy scriptures. He told Muslims to study the Qur'an, and Hindus to study texts such as the Ramayana, Vishnu Sahasranam, Bhagavad Gita, and Yoga Vasistha. He advised his devotees and followers to lead a moral life, help others, love every living being without any discrimination, and develop two important features of character: faith (Shraddha) and patience (Saburi). He criticized atheism. In his teachings, Sai Baba emphasized the importance of performing one's duties without attachment to earthly matters, and of being content regardless of the situation.

Sai Baba said that God penetrates every thing and every being
Sai Baba said that the world is transient, and that only God and his gifts are eternal. He emphasized the importance of devotion to God - bhakti - and surrender to his will. He also talked about the need of faith and devotion to one's spiritual guru. He said that everyone was the soul and not the body. He advised his followers to develop a virtuous character, and taught them that all fate was determined by karma.

Sai Baba encouraged charity, and stressed the importance of sharing. He said: "Unless there is some relationship or connection, nobody goes anywhere. If any men or creatures come to you, do not discourteously drive them away, but receive them well and treat them with due respect. Shri Hari (God) will certainly be pleased if you give water to the thirsty, bread to the hungry, clothes to the naked, and your verandah to strangers for sitting and resting. If anybody wants any money from you and you are not inclined to give, do not give, but do not bark at him like a dog." Other favorite sayings of his were: "Why do you fear when I am here", and "He has no beginning... He has no end."

Sai Baba made eleven assurances to his devotees:

Whosoever puts their feet on Shirdi soil, their sufferings will come to an end.
The wretched and miserable will rise to joy and happiness as soon as they climb -the steps of the mosque Dwarakamayi.
I shall be ever active and vigorous even after leaving this earthly body.
My tomb shall bless and speak to the needs of my devotees.
I shall be active and vigorous even from my tomb.
My mortal remains will speak from my tomb.
I am ever living to help and guide all who come to me, who surrender to me, and who seek refuge in me.
If you look at me, I look at you.
If you cast your burden on me, I shall surely bear it.
If you seek my advice and help, it shall be given to you at once.
There shall be no want in the house of my devotee.


Free Energy Manifesto via a Slick Topic

It has been ONE YEAR since the BP Gulf Oil Spill and we sure have come a long way. Remember when we all watched daily hoping SOME sort of remedy or progress would be made in stopping in? Those were the days. One year later now we have 7 poorly reported meltdowns going on in Japan and radiation seeping into every single atom of this planet at the rate of a Chernobyl every 4 days....AND STILL have a gulf oil leak that reopened in several new locations not far from the original....& CONVENIENTLY not even mentioned let alone cared about like we originally had...only little ONE year ago. No more eagerly hoping as a collective on the nuclear situation as well.

Really Earf? Is this what we have allowed the 4th Branch of the government do to all of us? Brainwash us with Hollywood/CIA wars in Asia and Charlie Sheen antics to fill the gaps in between each "Liberation" we so heartily endorse one after the other like dominoes.

We almost deserve the result if that is what we collectively are deciding at an unconscious level. There is not much the common everyday clean nature lovin folk out there can do but either hope or worry......but we CAN DEMAND a release of ALL FREE ENERGY knowledge and technologies the government HAS had and DOES have the ability to bring to the planet as a whole. If Tesla could POWER A HORSELESS BUGGY WIRELESSLY @ distances OVER 120 MILES and an engine of 80 hp running OVER 90 mph in 1931.....and saying we could do the same with ships and planes....WHY HAVEN'T WE THEN?

DEMAND a release of these and MANY more technologies the shadow government maintains at a truth embargo level from humanity in the sake of BIG OIL, COAL, & NUCLEAR interests that they have invested entire nations' debts to deficits to protect.

We C A N do that much....and NOW.

A SECOND "Face On Mars" has been FOUND!

Not carried on any mainstream news source yet....

Who could ever forget this face?

Located in the Cydonia region of Mars and photographed by NASA multiple times and debated back and forth over its being artificial or just a natural feature of the landscape for many a year.

Well it turns out we may have an EVEN better mug to put to the face off challenge with NASA. The faces are almost undoubtedly and deliberately artificial in nature and placed there long ago for us to discover and think about from Earth today in this most timely of times.

The coordinates, Latitude 33°12'29.82"N, Longitude 12°55'51.21"W, are confirmed and are found in the Google map of Mars below.

Forty-six year old from Italy Matteo Ianneo is the telescope explorer/discover of the face and says he is passionate about the riddles of Mars. He is from from the Puglia Region and the town of Cerignola (FG)

Ianneo says he discovered the new face on Mars by examining pictures sent back to Earth from an ESA probe orbiting the Red Planet and worked into Google's map of Mars. He presents the photos below. He is unsure if the photos are optical illusions or a real sculptured face but feels the images will never-the-less cause a sensation around the world.

No "OFFICIAL" word from NASA as of yet, but over the last few years, OFFICIAL word from NASA is all but meaningless given their utter silence culpability in hiding the true nature of what lies above us in space.

Something a Little Different: Artistic Topical Commentary

“One final thing I have to do … and then I’ll be free of the past.”
Vertigo (1958)

“We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.”

“At times like this, I wish I was but a simple peasant.”

“One down, a couple billion to go.”
Contact (1997)

“You still don’t understand what you’re dealing with, do you? … Perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.”

“Faith is a torment. It is like loving someone who is out there in the darkness but never appears, no matter how loudly you call.”

“Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well! To what do I owe the extreme pleasure of this surprising visit?”
A Clockwork Orange (1971)

“I am letting you into the secret of all secrets. Mirrors are gates through which death comes and goes.”

“This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.”
Alien (1979)

“Yeah, well it’s simple for everybody else - give ‘em a Big Mac and a pair of Nikes and they’re happy. I just can’t relate to 99.9% of humanity.”
Ghost World (2001

“The population census has got him down as “dormanted”. The Central Collective Storehouse computer has got him down as “deleted”. […] Information Retrieval has got him down as “inoperative”. And there’s another one - security has got him down as “excised”. Administration has got him down as “completed”. … He’s dead.”
Brazil (1985)

“Every god is a god of death.”
Szamanka (1996)

“We train young men to drop fire on people. But their commanders won’t allow them to write “fuck” on their airplanes because it’s obscene!”
Apocalypse Now (1979)

“Los Angeles, November 2019”
Blade Runner (1982)

“I fantasize about a massive, pristine convenience. Brilliant gold taps, virginal white marble, a seat carved from ebony, a cistern full of Chanel Number 5, and a flunky handing me pieces of raw silk toilet roll. But under the circumstances I’ll settle for anywhere.”
Trainspotting (1996)

“Deliberately buried. Huh!”
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

“This ain’t killin’ for profit. This is ritual.”
From Hell (2001)

“Three minutes. This is it. The beginning. Ground zero. … Do you have a speech for the occasion?”
Fight Club (1999)

“May the glistening chrome of the Borg Queen shed her light upon us all!”
Gentlemen Broncos (2009)

“Its origin and purpose are still a total mystery.”
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

“Mr. Murphy, what attracts you to the leisure industry? … In a word: pleasure. It’s like, my pleasure in other people’s leisure.”
Trainspotting (1996)

“This is where I live. This is me. I will not allow violence against this house.”
Straw Dogs (1971)

Happy Easter & Passover Earth!

Crop Circle 2009 Decoded : The changes have begun

Series of crop circles through recent years that have been decoded pretty sufficiently in my opinion as to be a message of Nibiru's impending passage through our solar system this year. A very important and timely message for humanity and hope for its pay attention.

“One down, a couple billion to go.”
Contact (1997)

The Arecibo Message Revisited

The Arecibo message

Then one year later, in August 2002, another impressive formation was discovered just to the west of Winchester (only about 8½ miles to the southeast of the Chilbolton formations). An "alien face" with a circular grid containing a coded message.

When the code is broken, it reads:

"Beware the bearers of false gifts & their broken promises. Much pain but still time. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing."

Are these circles genuine? We cant know for sure, since no one investigated them to see if there were significant crop/soil anomalies. But they do seem very sophisticated.

How should we interpret this possible response? And what about the coded message?

Monday, April 18, 2011

New April 2011 UFO Footage & General Topics of Interest

Sorry can't give an in depth run down of all of this post's interesting web finds I am keeping tabs on as of today. I leave it up to you to decide what you see here, but atleast see you shall.

Now present to you dead alien found in the Russian snow this week after a huge sighting and commotion.

ufos in japanese volcano

An STS-75 clip (Space Shuttle Columbia - Launched February 22, 1996) from the Martyn Stubbs NASA Archives. I present to you....the 96...NASA sat downlinked footage

More current Nibiru (Planet X, Comet Elinin) covrup up info. Its quite clear, it's here. This video and account has been deleted once already but just & viral it

And for those that still have no clue about Nibiru yet...The greatest secret in human history about to be unleashed....its about time YOU DID

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Etc; ALL PREVIOUSLY PLANNED yrs ago

This is a true White Knight and true American hero if I ever were to believe in one existing.
This retired US Army General spills the beans of prior strategies he was privy to to pretty much swoop up the middle east as part of the "unofficial American empire." As usual....a sufficient number of whistleblowers have come out for another war and speaking of the truth of the matter and not getting ANY recognition of the matter on mainstream media.  The mainstream media IS the fourth branch of the government, and will do anything necessary to maintain the desires of their CIA overlords. 

‎"We need real investigation of some of the abuses of authority that are apparently going on at the Executive branch. ... We've never finished the investigation of 9/11 and whether the administration actually misused the intelligence information it had. The evidence seems pretty clear to me. I've seen that for a long time."

General Wesley Clark! Interview

"if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem has to look like a nail."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Even more great UFO footage from around the world. We are WAKING UP!

Much is speeding up and speeding up as we near the finish line, only to find out there may be a brick wall right at the end of the race.  Will humanity wake up and take their mantle into completing the SHiFT of the Ages and becoming Neo Sapiens & members of a Galactic Society?

Or, like every year prior to now for documented case of atleast hundreds of years, just act like it some anomaly not worthy of a full stop in the illusion of "work, taxes,, government, power struggle, war."
Because if we do what we should be doing....asking OURSELVES WHY THEY ARE HERE... WHY AT THIS TIME?  quietly and peacefully when its obvious if they wanted to do anything other than that they could EASILY do so.


Here's this post's mega treasure chest of great footage:
 Excellent footage of UFO in Brazil -Feb 24th
Some try to claim this to be cg and fake...but as someone who went to school for such things, can honestly say it would be near hard to do so without genuine Hollywood money and time put into such a video with VERY little views even yet.  That and the fact this kind of craft has been seen visually personally several times as well, albeit not this glamorously. - UFO Brazil-Feb 24th Video

Intelligently controlled UFO's flying different formations over Fukushima, Japan. March 26, 2011

UFO Lights above Lafayette, Colorado March 20, 2011(seen on Good Morning) America

UFO Over St. Petersburg Russia March 22 2011

Multiple IFO over Minto, 2011 shot in infrared!

Possible captures of UFOs hovering over Pentagon 2011
this is subject to some critical examination, but the flight paths during day and night are distinct.  This is UFO in my book


Italy 3/27/11

Collection of previous flyovers from last year but got forgotten by the memory hole:

and last but not least for this post:

National Security Agency Document Confirms Existence of UFOs

An assorted video collection of the great 4/11 UFO FLYOVERS!

9/11 was an emergency

1/11 was the birds falling dead all over the world at midnight new years

1/11/11 enough Awakened Souls activated to kick off the start of the program

2/11 was the mideast revolutions

3/11 was the earthquake in Japan

4/11 IS an EMERG N SEE is UPON ALL OF US! :)

A collection of the RASH of sightings of UFO's .....ALL of the globe since Apr. 1.
Jokes on you all.  They are real.

Real friendly and ready to assist.
Consciously say in your head:
I accept the reality of beings not of this world being a reality and welcome ANY assistance to help minimize the negative effects of the upcoming SHIFT the planet as whole is to experience.

We are about to get inducted into the greater family of man as GALACTIC CITIZENS.
We are making it through.

An what's really wonderful about this all...1 clip has a Weatherman AND a plane geek newsanchor BOTH ADMT ON TELEVISION....that this is genuine NASA worthy submission.  Little do they know NASA has known for decades silently....

So the Earth Really Isn't Round Then??

I always knew the earth really looked like my head, all lumpy and beat up but still round enough to support life

Not till the "End Days" do we even find out the earth really isn't "round".

SHIFT your perspectives

NASA just puts out excuse for "fireballs" in the sky to be seen as normal this time of year!

NASA just announces!: 

CONVENIENTLY time release today plainly states that:
Spring has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, which means that birds are chirping, flowers are blooming — and fireballs are lighting up the sky, NASA says.

For some mysterious reason, the number of fireballs — dramatic meteors that blaze brighter than any planet when they burn up in Earth's atmosphere — peaks at this time of year.

"Spring is fireball season," said Bill Cooke, of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Center, in a statement. "For reasons we don't fully understand, the rate of bright meteors climbs during the weeks around the vernal equinox." [Spectacular Leonid Meteor Photos]
Being a schooled astronomer to a degree I DO know with certainty that this is just plain diversionary excuse making and OFFICIAL policy stating for the record right before we should be seeing many "lights" in the sky in the days to come for some weird reason....

Fireballs happen every day normally, and there are even meteor showers on regular schedule....what we have here is blanket ass covering for something else.

 They were nice enough to tell some truth to the matter by saying:
"We've known about this phenomenon for more than 30 years," Cooke said. "It's not only fireballs that are affected. Meteorite falls — space rocks that actually hit the ground — are more common in spring as well."

30 years is about the time they had in trying to figure out the whole Planet X (Nibiru) mystery they were searching answers for.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

State of the rad-I-NATION has reached critical mass! SHIFT HAS HIT THE FAN

So there is SO much going on this planet at this time and I would like to fully commit the time to sit down and spell it out for all of you, but by the time even I fully digest the sheer volume of importance of 1 event personally, I find out about several more on top of that requiring equal consideration and explanation for mankind at this time.

Many large announcements need to be formally declared and prepared as quickly as humanly possible but the TIME is just not allowing it. On top of this, the sheer IMPORTANCE of previous messages are not fully sinking in to the majority of this reading audience as life as you know still carries on without much change in direction that needs to occur for us to safely navigate what is about to occur.

In a brief nutshell I will try to catch this group of you up...
I am no longer just a reporter of things being done on this planet that no one else really delves into. I AM and always was (to a lesser extent in the past) a liaison between Awakened Mankind and Extradimenionsal Beings as well as the Greater Brotherhood of Man for lack of better explanations. This is not fantasy, delusion or jokes.

Events as of late have been made known to me previous to their happenings, and explanations of hidden events have been given to me in daily late night briefings when most everyone else is fast asleep.

I was previously tasked with the duty & honor to fully REALIZE and BECOME an AGENT of this change & not just a speakerbox for it. I have been far too quiet about this angle in my life and led almost a secret life under neath the public one due to the sheer insanity it presented when almost zero public proof of what I say was occurring. I today FULLY dismantle and throw away my prior public facade & step into my chosen role of that called a Wayshower.

That all being's the beefy to this stew:

The recent events in Japan were the last "easy" wake up call we will ever have. Notice was given to stop & ponder our current reality to the greater scope of what's really going on. What the governments HAVE known and have NOT reported to the public truthfully this whole time that the 6 Fukushima reactors were totally out of their control from day 1 and SHOULD have meltdowned long ago. Had this happened the radioactive fallout would have doomed us forever. Yet we are still here.

This is due to the collected efforts of the few thousands of Awakened Beings on this planet at this time that came together and activated in their roles as Earthkeeper's and with Conscious Freewill Human intent actually helped change the Laws of Physics to bend to where we are now. Nuclear scientists from our most industrialized nations STILL can not figure out how they still have the situation as bad as it is, not total annihilation levels yet. They have NO CLUE how to stop that from occurring even yet. Our intent was to minimize and trans-mutate the radioactive energies leaking out and reduce the harm it normally would have caused. The Greater Beings of Light that surround this planet at this time heard that call and have been aiding with their technologies, knowledge and energies from behind the scenes. Even now.

That being said..A DEADLY amount of radiation was still vented and released nonetheless into the atmosphere and environment. The governments of the world have knowingly RAISED all previous known safe limits of radiation by factors of up to 100,000 for some substances JUST BECAUSE that is what we have already been hit with & without any announcement as to it doing so for fear of loss of governmental control of populations. As evident by this projection that swept over quietly several days ago, the silent killer is effectively in our ENTIRE food and water chain.

So. Where does that put us? We are a species hat had an expiration date just from math alone.
Why hasn't it fully set into everyone yet then? Once again an extreme amount of compassion and will from Awakened Man did something else extraordinary.

Recently the sun erupted a corononal explosion almost ten times its own size out. Definite planet killer type thing:

This was not a bad thing, but an energetic wave of energy "transmitted" out by our Sun and caught and redirected by one's that knew how to. Awakened Souls who have mastered even the etheric and energy levels normal man is even unaware of. We took that flood of COMPASSIONATE energy & LOVE & allowed it to flow through our subtle energy layers and bodies directly into the crystalline core of the planet....releasing the 7 fold build of of tectonic stress the Earth was preparing to release as an epic rumbler to relieve the pressure's within that had potentials to sink entire CONTINENTS in one foul swoop.

This UNPRECEDENTED amount of focused LIGHT stemmed off a tremendous amount of restrictive & harmful energies from temporarily cascading beyond the critical point. It ALSO activated UNTIL now latent and dormant nuerosympa-telepatheo-meta-tronic receptors and synapses in our nervous systems and fully began the meta-transformic programming of our DNA strands. We have BEGUN THE SHIFT.

What is this "Shift" then in essence? In reality? Well. We forgot to touchback about that deadly amount of poisonous and radioactive elements WITHIN your body as we speak FOREVER already... Though not all the time an immediate death.... millions would notice effects not long after. This last blast of energy allow our own CELLS AND DNA to upshift in vibration and ability. WE REWROTE new programming into our "scripts" called life. We blended with everything about our bodies (radiation from mankind, the planet and the sun itself) and became a unified focus beam of will. The Will to CONTINUE ON WITH AS MANY OTHERS as we could possibly save. The planet IS and will be fine at any rate. The species of mankind on the other is our sticky point at hand.

With this shift in selves, the environment itself is changed along with you by Divine Law. That band of high concentration radionucleotides in the projection earlier was centered for instance on my location of Omaha, Ne. Within the thick soup bank of deadly energies that came through that night I could literally taste the radioactive elements that were surely taking hold within me. The Fallout was evident to a eye with any sort of knowledge on the matter as well.

Craft not of mankind in unison came down in formation through the thick heavy blankets of could and funneled and assisted in sending a wave of trans-mutative membrane out in a bubble that rippled into other node points of energy around the planet.

Almost immediately the brash of blizzard climate conditions in spring evaporated into the most spectacular brilliant spring days I have ever witnessed. The initial wave of change joined other similar ripples all over to ripple our pond of global energy to a newer vibration and resonance that allowed inter-dimensional portal to be opened all over the world that took the negative aspects of the deadly radiation back into a form of light without lasting effect to the environment around. THIS IS STILL HAPPENING AS WE SPEAK. More and more people are and will awaken FULLY into an awareness of a reality behind our current "grid" it will slowly "bleed" through your senses until you finally make the realization, you are crossing over into a timeline as it seems that mitigates if not eliminates more and more and hopefully all of our global dilemma's with almost a wand like effect.

There is an endless amount events, stories, science, happenings and occurrences have yet to EVEN touch base on let alone fully present to society as quickly as possible to fill in the major gaps in for all to provide all the information and knowledge to digest for your own purposes of acceptance and resonance of these facts.

What i truly needed to put out to the collective IMMEDIATELY was the fact that a positive future is definitely available...but not for all unless we can do some major catch up. We need as MANY souls to Awaken immediately and without any fraction of dedication of purpose at this time and help hold up the new standing wave pattern of reality so that it can...AND hopefully will blanket the energetic fields of sleeping man (over 99.8% of population) enough to bring them into unity with everything else safely.



The blender has turned onto puree and the only safe spot in it is in the I of the blurricane. Please. Feed no more energy into the illusion you continue living in on a daily basis. Wars, poverty, taxes, laws, politics, right or wrong have ALL left the table of the scope of this discourse. We have moved strictly into a DO or DIE situation that not many quite truly can comprehend the sheer razor blade edge we teeter upon. COUNTLESS civilizations from starsystems and dimensions not even previously known possible to us have arrived to help us through our birthing pangs. They have begun the most passive and friendly ways possible given circumstances at hand to announce their presence especially within the last few days. A full press releases is still being prepared on that end of things, but initial reports have been posted on this blog earlier.

The jist of the matter is clear....without us stepping up and acknowledging this history making event publicly as a society amongst ourselves...if not quite governmentally announced on the media yet for fear of the sheer response and anarchy - is that WE MUST ALL AGREE TO STOP.... SLOW down. BE STILL AND KNOW THYSELF for a minute. Catch that frequency we are sending out. It'll hit you after awhile. From there the process has begun and your transformation well underway to not only aid yourself....but all on this planet at this time.

This is not a philosophical, metaphysical, theoretical or even hypothetical passage of verbage just created for the hell of it for you to move on from after reading.

It may not have hit you in the face yet, but that's because you are dead asleep to it.
but do the math.

If its not now, when was it?....6 meltdowns worse than Chernobyl ago or a 8.9 tumbler ago with much worse possible yet.

We are at RED ALERT people.

Official Press Releases to come