Monday, April 25, 2011

A SECOND "Face On Mars" has been FOUND!

Not carried on any mainstream news source yet....

Who could ever forget this face?

Located in the Cydonia region of Mars and photographed by NASA multiple times and debated back and forth over its being artificial or just a natural feature of the landscape for many a year.

Well it turns out we may have an EVEN better mug to put to the face off challenge with NASA. The faces are almost undoubtedly and deliberately artificial in nature and placed there long ago for us to discover and think about from Earth today in this most timely of times.

The coordinates, Latitude 33°12'29.82"N, Longitude 12°55'51.21"W, are confirmed and are found in the Google map of Mars below.

Forty-six year old from Italy Matteo Ianneo is the telescope explorer/discover of the face and says he is passionate about the riddles of Mars. He is from from the Puglia Region and the town of Cerignola (FG)

Ianneo says he discovered the new face on Mars by examining pictures sent back to Earth from an ESA probe orbiting the Red Planet and worked into Google's map of Mars. He presents the photos below. He is unsure if the photos are optical illusions or a real sculptured face but feels the images will never-the-less cause a sensation around the world.

No "OFFICIAL" word from NASA as of yet, but over the last few years, OFFICIAL word from NASA is all but meaningless given their utter silence culpability in hiding the true nature of what lies above us in space.

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spinladen said...

I wonder if civilization on earth was wiped out, if extraterrestrials would think Mount Rushmore was just a land formation.