Monday, April 25, 2011

Free Energy Manifesto via a Slick Topic

It has been ONE YEAR since the BP Gulf Oil Spill and we sure have come a long way. Remember when we all watched daily hoping SOME sort of remedy or progress would be made in stopping in? Those were the days. One year later now we have 7 poorly reported meltdowns going on in Japan and radiation seeping into every single atom of this planet at the rate of a Chernobyl every 4 days....AND STILL have a gulf oil leak that reopened in several new locations not far from the original....& CONVENIENTLY not even mentioned let alone cared about like we originally had...only little ONE year ago. No more eagerly hoping as a collective on the nuclear situation as well.

Really Earf? Is this what we have allowed the 4th Branch of the government do to all of us? Brainwash us with Hollywood/CIA wars in Asia and Charlie Sheen antics to fill the gaps in between each "Liberation" we so heartily endorse one after the other like dominoes.

We almost deserve the result if that is what we collectively are deciding at an unconscious level. There is not much the common everyday clean nature lovin folk out there can do but either hope or worry......but we CAN DEMAND a release of ALL FREE ENERGY knowledge and technologies the government HAS had and DOES have the ability to bring to the planet as a whole. If Tesla could POWER A HORSELESS BUGGY WIRELESSLY @ distances OVER 120 MILES and an engine of 80 hp running OVER 90 mph in 1931.....and saying we could do the same with ships and planes....WHY HAVEN'T WE THEN?

DEMAND a release of these and MANY more technologies the shadow government maintains at a truth embargo level from humanity in the sake of BIG OIL, COAL, & NUCLEAR interests that they have invested entire nations' debts to deficits to protect.

We C A N do that much....and NOW.

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