Tuesday, April 5, 2011

State of the rad-I-NATION has reached critical mass! SHIFT HAS HIT THE FAN

So there is SO much going on this planet at this time and I would like to fully commit the time to sit down and spell it out for all of you, but by the time even I fully digest the sheer volume of importance of 1 event personally, I find out about several more on top of that requiring equal consideration and explanation for mankind at this time.

Many large announcements need to be formally declared and prepared as quickly as humanly possible but the TIME is just not allowing it. On top of this, the sheer IMPORTANCE of previous messages are not fully sinking in to the majority of this reading audience as life as you know still carries on without much change in direction that needs to occur for us to safely navigate what is about to occur.

In a brief nutshell I will try to catch this group of you up...
I am no longer just a reporter of things being done on this planet that no one else really delves into. I AM and always was (to a lesser extent in the past) a liaison between Awakened Mankind and Extradimenionsal Beings as well as the Greater Brotherhood of Man for lack of better explanations. This is not fantasy, delusion or jokes.

Events as of late have been made known to me previous to their happenings, and explanations of hidden events have been given to me in daily late night briefings when most everyone else is fast asleep.

I was previously tasked with the duty & honor to fully REALIZE and BECOME an AGENT of this change & not just a speakerbox for it. I have been far too quiet about this angle in my life and led almost a secret life under neath the public one due to the sheer insanity it presented when almost zero public proof of what I say was occurring. I today FULLY dismantle and throw away my prior public facade & step into my chosen role of that called a Wayshower.

That all being said....here's the beefy to this stew:

The recent events in Japan were the last "easy" wake up call we will ever have. Notice was given to stop & ponder our current reality to the greater scope of what's really going on. What the governments HAVE known and have NOT reported to the public truthfully this whole time that the 6 Fukushima reactors were totally out of their control from day 1 and SHOULD have meltdowned long ago. Had this happened the radioactive fallout would have doomed us forever. Yet we are still here.

This is due to the collected efforts of the few thousands of Awakened Beings on this planet at this time that came together and activated in their roles as Earthkeeper's and with Conscious Freewill Human intent actually helped change the Laws of Physics to bend to where we are now. Nuclear scientists from our most industrialized nations STILL can not figure out how they still have the situation as bad as it is, not total annihilation levels yet. They have NO CLUE how to stop that from occurring even yet. Our intent was to minimize and trans-mutate the radioactive energies leaking out and reduce the harm it normally would have caused. The Greater Beings of Light that surround this planet at this time heard that call and have been aiding with their technologies, knowledge and energies from behind the scenes. Even now.

That being said..A DEADLY amount of radiation was still vented and released nonetheless into the atmosphere and environment. The governments of the world have knowingly RAISED all previous known safe limits of radiation by factors of up to 100,000 for some substances JUST BECAUSE that is what we have already been hit with & without any announcement as to it doing so for fear of loss of governmental control of populations. As evident by this projection that swept over quietly several days ago, the silent killer is effectively in our ENTIRE food and water chain.

So. Where does that put us? We are a species hat had an expiration date just from math alone.
Why hasn't it fully set into everyone yet then? Once again an extreme amount of compassion and will from Awakened Man did something else extraordinary.

Recently the sun erupted a corononal explosion almost ten times its own size out. Definite planet killer type thing:

This was not a bad thing, but an energetic wave of energy "transmitted" out by our Sun and caught and redirected by one's that knew how to. Awakened Souls who have mastered even the etheric and energy levels normal man is even unaware of. We took that flood of COMPASSIONATE energy & LOVE & allowed it to flow through our subtle energy layers and bodies directly into the crystalline core of the planet....releasing the 7 fold build of of tectonic stress the Earth was preparing to release as an epic rumbler to relieve the pressure's within that had potentials to sink entire CONTINENTS in one foul swoop.

This UNPRECEDENTED amount of focused LIGHT stemmed off a tremendous amount of restrictive & harmful energies from temporarily cascading beyond the critical point. It ALSO activated UNTIL now latent and dormant nuerosympa-telepatheo-meta-tronic receptors and synapses in our nervous systems and fully began the meta-transformic programming of our DNA strands. We have BEGUN THE SHIFT.

What is this "Shift" then in essence? In reality? Well. We forgot to touchback about that deadly amount of poisonous and radioactive elements WITHIN your body as we speak FOREVER already... Though not all the time an immediate death.... millions would notice effects not long after. This last blast of energy allow our own CELLS AND DNA to upshift in vibration and ability. WE REWROTE new programming into our "scripts" called life. We blended with everything about our bodies (radiation from mankind, the planet and the sun itself) and became a unified focus beam of will. The Will to CONTINUE ON WITH AS MANY OTHERS as we could possibly save. The planet IS and will be fine at any rate. The species of mankind on the other is our sticky point at hand.

With this shift in selves, the environment itself is changed along with you by Divine Law. That band of high concentration radionucleotides in the projection earlier was centered for instance on my location of Omaha, Ne. Within the thick soup bank of deadly energies that came through that night I could literally taste the radioactive elements that were surely taking hold within me. The Fallout was evident to a eye with any sort of knowledge on the matter as well.

Craft not of mankind in unison came down in formation through the thick heavy blankets of could and funneled and assisted in sending a wave of trans-mutative membrane out in a bubble that rippled into other node points of energy around the planet.

Almost immediately the brash of blizzard climate conditions in spring evaporated into the most spectacular brilliant spring days I have ever witnessed. The initial wave of change joined other similar ripples all over to ripple our pond of global energy to a newer vibration and resonance that allowed inter-dimensional portal to be opened all over the world that took the negative aspects of the deadly radiation back into a form of light without lasting effect to the environment around. THIS IS STILL HAPPENING AS WE SPEAK. More and more people are and will awaken FULLY into an awareness of a reality behind our current "grid" it will slowly "bleed" through your senses until you finally make the realization, you are crossing over into a timeline as it seems that mitigates if not eliminates more and more and hopefully all of our global dilemma's with almost a wand like effect.

There is an endless amount events, stories, science, happenings and occurrences have yet to EVEN touch base on let alone fully present to society as quickly as possible to fill in the major gaps in for all to provide all the information and knowledge to digest for your own purposes of acceptance and resonance of these facts.

What i truly needed to put out to the collective IMMEDIATELY was the fact that a positive future is definitely available...but not for all unless we can do some major catch up. We need as MANY souls to Awaken immediately and without any fraction of dedication of purpose at this time and help hold up the new standing wave pattern of reality so that it can...AND hopefully will blanket the energetic fields of sleeping man (over 99.8% of population) enough to bring them into unity with everything else safely.



The blender has turned onto puree and the only safe spot in it is in the I of the blurricane. Please. Feed no more energy into the illusion you continue living in on a daily basis. Wars, poverty, taxes, laws, politics, right or wrong have ALL left the table of the scope of this discourse. We have moved strictly into a DO or DIE situation that not many quite truly can comprehend the sheer razor blade edge we teeter upon. COUNTLESS civilizations from starsystems and dimensions not even previously known possible to us have arrived to help us through our birthing pangs. They have begun the most passive and friendly ways possible given circumstances at hand to announce their presence especially within the last few days. A full press releases is still being prepared on that end of things, but initial reports have been posted on this blog earlier.

The jist of the matter is clear....without us stepping up and acknowledging this history making event publicly as a society amongst ourselves...if not quite governmentally announced on the media yet for fear of the sheer response and anarchy - is that WE MUST ALL AGREE TO STOP.... SLOW down. BE STILL AND KNOW THYSELF for a minute. Catch that frequency we are sending out. It'll hit you after awhile. From there the process has begun and your transformation well underway to not only aid yourself....but all on this planet at this time.

This is not a philosophical, metaphysical, theoretical or even hypothetical passage of verbage just created for the hell of it for you to move on from after reading.

It may not have hit you in the face yet, but that's because you are dead asleep to it.
but do the math.

If its not now, when was it?....6 meltdowns worse than Chernobyl ago or a 8.9 tumbler ago with much worse possible yet.

We are at RED ALERT people.

Official Press Releases to come

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