Monday, April 18, 2011

New April 2011 UFO Footage & General Topics of Interest

Sorry can't give an in depth run down of all of this post's interesting web finds I am keeping tabs on as of today. I leave it up to you to decide what you see here, but atleast see you shall.

Now present to you dead alien found in the Russian snow this week after a huge sighting and commotion.

ufos in japanese volcano

An STS-75 clip (Space Shuttle Columbia - Launched February 22, 1996) from the Martyn Stubbs NASA Archives. I present to you....the 96...NASA sat downlinked footage

More current Nibiru (Planet X, Comet Elinin) covrup up info. Its quite clear, it's here. This video and account has been deleted once already but just & viral it

And for those that still have no clue about Nibiru yet...The greatest secret in human history about to be unleashed....its about time YOU DID

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Raf said...

How do we prepare for this mega disaster? what do we do and how do we preserve our lives in an event like this..