Saturday, April 2, 2011

Zeta Grey aliens channeled pretty good earthquake predictions to an old lady last year

Funny thing is, I believe them.

Back in October of 2010, a website called ZetaTalk which allegedly is channeled information from Zeta "Grey's" to a lady named Nancy pretty much predicts a series of 7 out of 10 tectonic plate adjustments that will be made prior to or during the hour of the possible upcoming "pole flip" of the 2012 era.

They have lots more good insights on topical happenings every week for last few years, and for the most part, I give them a good 65% success ration with most of their insight.

She was pretty sot on so far with the Indonesia, south American and Japanese predictions with more to follow possibly on those plates....but of interesting note is.... The New Madrid prediction which will tear the US in half and send a tsunami towards Europe. I figure with all the New Madrid research I have in the queue that this deserves its fair share of face time for al to peruse at their own free will to judge for themselves.

Odds are it will happen due to the FEMA preps and the Edgar Cayce predictions alone. If you are around the Mississippi river states....this is your warning. As always, I send my prayers and intention for minimal loss of life in the upcoming & necessary plate shifts the planet must take to relieve its pressure.

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