Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Even more great UFO footage from around the world. We are WAKING UP!

Much is speeding up and speeding up as we near the finish line, only to find out there may be a brick wall right at the end of the race.  Will humanity wake up and take their mantle into completing the SHiFT of the Ages and becoming Neo Sapiens & members of a Galactic Society?

Or, like every year prior to now for documented case of atleast hundreds of years, just act like it some anomaly not worthy of a full stop in the illusion of "work, taxes,, government, power struggle, war."
Because if we do what we should be doing....asking OURSELVES WHY THEY ARE HERE... WHY AT THIS TIME?  quietly and peacefully when its obvious if they wanted to do anything other than that they could EASILY do so.


Here's this post's mega treasure chest of great footage:
 Excellent footage of UFO in Brazil -Feb 24th
Some try to claim this to be cg and fake...but as someone who went to school for such things, can honestly say it would be near hard to do so without genuine Hollywood money and time put into such a video with VERY little views even yet.  That and the fact this kind of craft has been seen visually personally several times as well, albeit not this glamorously. - UFO Brazil-Feb 24th Video

Intelligently controlled UFO's flying different formations over Fukushima, Japan. March 26, 2011

UFO Lights above Lafayette, Colorado March 20, 2011(seen on Good Morning) America

UFO Over St. Petersburg Russia March 22 2011

Multiple IFO over Minto, 2011 shot in infrared!

Possible captures of UFOs hovering over Pentagon 2011
this is subject to some critical examination, but the flight paths during day and night are distinct.  This is UFO in my book


Italy 3/27/11

Collection of previous flyovers from last year but got forgotten by the memory hole:

and last but not least for this post:

National Security Agency Document Confirms Existence of UFOs

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