Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An assorted video collection of the great 4/11 UFO FLYOVERS!

9/11 was an emergency

1/11 was the birds falling dead all over the world at midnight new years

1/11/11 enough Awakened Souls activated to kick off the start of the program

2/11 was the mideast revolutions

3/11 was the earthquake in Japan

4/11 IS an EMERG N SEE is UPON ALL OF US! :)

A collection of the RASH of sightings of UFO's .....ALL of the globe since Apr. 1.
Jokes on you all.  They are real.

Real friendly and ready to assist.
Consciously say in your head:
I accept the reality of beings not of this world being a reality and welcome ANY assistance to help minimize the negative effects of the upcoming SHIFT the planet as whole is to experience.

We are about to get inducted into the greater family of man as GALACTIC CITIZENS.
We are making it through.

An what's really wonderful about this all...1 clip has a Weatherman AND a plane geek newsanchor BOTH ADMT ON TELEVISION....that this is genuine NASA worthy submission.  Little do they know NASA has known for decades silently....

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Aurora said...

can you re submit this video? It has been removed from youtube it looks like