Saturday, April 2, 2011

UFOS LINING UP OVER CITIES...broad daylight...Take notice earth..

2 days ago this following video was captured. PLAIN AS DAY CLEAR DAYLIGHT FOOTAGE OF MULTIPLE U(UNIDENTIFIED) F (FLYING) O (OBJECTS) FORMATION of populated & dense city areas. Now you must ask yourself....why now......why 2 days ago....why aren't they doing anything but just kickin back & checkin out the scenery up there. No hello, take me to your leader, or whats up dawg?

Because they have been for our entire global history, and we have been lied to by our governments the whole time. 2 days ago, they broke the non-interference gameplan they usually go with due to the SEVERITY of the situation WE CREATED. The planet & its Living Library of genetic wealth is a monument to diversity for the universe. Earth WILL carry on. It's whether or not we as a species will get flicked off like so much fleas from a wet dog.

This much is certain. They are making a blatant stand in solidarity & silence. THEY CAN ASSIST. THEY HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY. Global nuclear destruction is not necessary if we can do our part and start looking up. START NOTICING. START SAYING SOMETHING. W H Y do we see videos like this.....then carry on paying taxes and worrying about work. W H Y? WAKE THE F UP EARTH! They are here to alert us to our entrance into global society IF WE SAY CHOOSE IT with our OWN FREEWILL & a global unified civilization. No government can OK this or stop this. if more than 51% of the planet wakes up, and embrace of cosmic heritage AND FUTURE.....We can get immediate assistance with this disaster & the MANY MORE scheduled to arrive ....LATER THIS YEAR> 2012 was a date set into a STONE calendar for a reason. This is a known cycle & the governments have prepared for themselves and not the masses. This is our ticket to future of a Golden Age on Earth, or an Apocalypse non like ever concieved.....all of our creation & choosing. Yet...not many people know there is a ballot out on such an issue. Charlie Sheen, AMerican Idol, & Superbowl sundays are way more important than REALITY OF EXISTENCE AT THIS TIME ON THE PLANET.

Grow up society. Pull your pants up and slap some water on your face. Fix your hair & tuck in your shirt. We have company at the front door and we best make a good impression now, or we will just be another fable like the dinosaurs for the next experiment on this petri dish.

Real Talk.

Some other newly found Japanese UFO footage I came across from throughout the years. Warnings years in advance for the local populations to WAKE UP....Something's comin. May not be soon, may not be immediate, but surely will be effected is the message here.

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