Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nebraska Nuclear Meltdown Simulated

Just came across this technical simulation out of Egypt concerning a possible radiation plume release area of effect if it did happen to occur. I don't feel the plant is in any considerable threat unless we lose any one of the five damns upstream on the Missouri river. That being said, I think it is responsible for the nuclear industry and appropriate organizations & such concerning this and all other plants take the matter seriously and do indeed continue making models and projections of such events in the case of it actually occurring.

Better safe than sorry right?

Of course there will be those that will take the more conspiracy rounded take on well they should. No one should let this sleep un noticed and speculated more power to them.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

War on Drugs and the new "SECRET" weapon against ALL narcotics UNVEILED

I now present to the googling public one of the best kept secrets that is currently being employed on American's without due legal process.

The story originates with a heresay story I heard in passing from a gentleman explaining to me how local sheriffs had entered his home without a warrant and used a handheld DEVICE to beep out the location of some used baggies that used to contain marijuana as well as under a pound in leafy greens.....not even the actual buds.

Upon hearing this, I surely thought it a joke or maybe a mis determination of what happened or what was done in reality. I spent half the day trying to research ANY shred of evidence of such a fabled privacy intrusion device in use by our Law Abiding Officers of the LAW......

Just when I figured it truly a red herring story of complete untruth....I found it.....buried DEEP in google search results.....

This is quite possibly the best kept secret in use in the Unjustified and overbloated "War on Drugs"....a topic too hot to handle in all all surety with the Constitution of The UNITED STATES.OF AMERIkkkA

I'll let the torrent of jaw dropping begin....NOW: