Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This video is pretty cut and dry to the point with alot of cold hard facts that the public needs to learn to sit down and logicaly DIGEST for atleast a moment if not at all. Time is QUICKLY running out to get the message out to as many people as possible, so it is with that notion I fully back this message's ominous and brooding tone.

With that said....I would like to point out my take on the situation: If ~enough~ people wake up to the "gravity" of the situation in time BEFORE it arrives....its effects will be highly mitigated and rendered almost nill hopefully as its "mission" was to only awaken us from our deep slumber if we could not do so ourselves. It was our cosmic alarm clock dispatched long ago for that very purpose.

As long as we don't hit snooze on this message...the planet as a whole should do fine during the upcoming day ahead.

So please...take the 15 mins in time to absorb some of what has been said by many a person and outlet, but not quite up to the date with the current projections and figures all tied together in 1 easy to watch flick.

And remember....Apocalypse means "the Revealing"....and revealing DOES not have to come with an "Armageddon" which would be "revealed" to us should we neglect to wake ourselves up on our own.

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