Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mass Sighting of UFO in Brazil

Here is an intereting UFO case developing today out of Brazil. It has hit front page in all their Mainstream media news outlets down there apparently.

Witnesses throughout the city are reported to have seen and witnessed it, some saying that it was the size of a boeing airplane. Some had even called the police and Brazilian Air Force. The air force said that there was nothing on their radars on that night for that area.

There are multiple vantage point and witness source video of the event which adds to its credibility factor as well as ruling out CGI fakery from a single source.

The height of the UFO gleamed off of this video seems too high for any possibility of a possible LED type kite or RC airplane to be controlled at. Had it been any lower and I would almost tend to say that it would have been one of those that were seen instead and called this a case closed non event....which I am still hesitant to do till more data rolls in on this event.

Yet with some video/photographic analysis already pouring over the footage, I would have to lean to it being a genuine deal mainly due to the fact of some of the initial observations we gather from this method:

The subtitles in this next video go like:
- Why this is not fake, nor a toy
- There's no color in the internal space, which means there's nothing between the nuclei and the outer ring.
- The center is generating energy, notice the colors.
- Perfect spacing between the outer cells.
- 45 degree angle, which makes it impossible to be a toy.

All in all, my initial reaction to a video such as this would be to claim fake at first glance....yet a city full of avid witnesses claiming its authenticity in conjunction with the Air Force stating nothing was on radar, I will have to lean to the genuine real deal UFO sighting at this time. Even if it was an RC plane or even a light kite, it would register even a minimal radar signature to the Brazilian Air Force's radar which probably have the capability to pick up even flocks of birds and other airborne debris signatures.

I will post any relevant updates here as soon as there are more.

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