Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Recent DAYLIGHT ufo sighting February 24, 2011 in Brazil..Proof?

This is quite possibly the 5th best Daylight UFO footage I have seen ever.....but for most normal people....this could easily go for they ever seen. I have analyzed the footage for over half an hour and with 6 years of researching the topic matter as well as going to school for digital video and audio manipulation can say it is about 95% feeling genuine to me.

There seems to be a great deal of consensus from other UFOlogists early on as well.
There you have it folks.... PROOF?

Well we all know its not going to come out of your telivision an radios, so you saw it here first.


spinladen said...

been noticing alot of "sensitive" video content I have posted is being systematically wiped from servers as my hits have been spiking last couple weeks. Once i have time i will track down deleted videos throughout the blog for others to learn from.

spinladen said...

updated link for this video as it got reuploaded by someone, who knows how long be up.