Friday, March 11, 2011

Solar Images For Week Prior Quake Show Extreme Solar Activity, C.M.E's

This is a 6 day animation of the days prior the 3.11.11 Japan quake.

For those that take note of the date that it starts, 1 day after the greatly hyped about March 4th date that was flying about the various forums as the date that Nibiru (Planet X) would align with the solar ecliptic plane on its inbound leg of its fly by orbit before perigee with earth later in the year.

The resulting coronal mass ejection shortly after the 4th and extreme buildups on opposite sides of the sun well up before they give way to release atleast 10 solar flares in response to the increased electromagnetic tug that the "Nemesis Twin" had imparted on its counterpart star.

Vegas odds state that the Nibiru(Planet X) "theory" is either HIGHLY and statistically coincidental, or better yet that the theory should be upgraded to what many researchers have speculated without refute to a Noncooperative World Body, NASA, and other "established" outlets of mainstream propaganda and disinformation to lead us astray from the utter reality of the situation. We have company. And "They" knew the whole time.

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