Sunday, March 13, 2011

What' REALLY going on? Japan and beyond....

If you only have scant knowledge as to the actual "Whats REALLY GOING ON" viewpoint on this earthquake, this will help shine light for you. This event happened on such a large scale and in a specific country at this time in history for a purpose. What BETTER country than Japan could so perfectly and immediately capture EVERY aspect of this in its entirety and in HD? What better country was prepared for a mega tumbler as Japan? What other country is as financially powerful and solvent to quickly recover from such an event than Japan?

(should probably click the title in upper left of video and open a second tab and fullscreen for the effect you are intended to get from the scope of this event. Jaw dropping footage starting in around 4 mins, but should watch all....and send your positive compassionate energy to what you see to effect and positive outcome as can get)

Not saying whatsoever that they deserved it, just saying the collective consciousness decided for this event to happen there @ this time for one reason alone....TO WAKE THE COLLECTIVE UP ~right~ before. . .something we've never known before. I see a good number of people ~are~ awake and active as opposed to the year before and even before that.

Long story short....Many souls unconsciously sacrificed their souls with the energetic exchange hope that sleepers could benefit from it and awaken. To ACT. TO CHANGE. OR BE CHANGED>

As it stands going into 3 days into the 3.11.11 event, as massive in scale and destruction....Japan faired EXTREMELY well for having took a point blank shot to the face. MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS live in that small confined area. If the current death toll stays under 5k as it stands currently, and only the rural and coastal towns being truly erased infrastructuraly....they still have Tokyo without a single toppled skyscraper....each one would have been its own World Trade Center in deaths and suffering if not more.

I am also 100% CERTAIN that the negatives were considerably downgraded from original potential massacre levels by the Awakened percentage of the planet CONSCIOUSLY & ACTIVELY doing what it could to mitigate the results in humanity's favor instead of chance's favor (which is by default the setting if under default control by the collective (un)CONSCIOUS. So in an event captured live, HD and realtime, this may have been the FIRST EVENT IN HUMAN HISTORY, awakened individuals came together in collective co-creational responsibilities and assumed some sort of say in the matter energetically with their own free will.

The control factor of this hypothesis being the 2005 Christmas Day Tsunami that killed under a million (that they DID tel us about) all across the Indian Ocean...with little to no real time footage as it happened, with VERY FEW awakened individuals to even make a dent in the outcome anyways.

How far we HAVE come as a planet. :)


So. If you find yourself reading the end of this and not quite understanding the gist of WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON right now....good. Consider yourself newly about to be awakened. You are 99.9% better off than the billions still sleeping and powerless to choose their next role in this upcoming adventure. Keep digging. THERE ARE MORE strings for you to pull....I can help, but you must ask.


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