Tuesday, March 1, 2011

UFO's flying synchronized and intelligently in Japan Daylight Feb2011

This video looks quite genuine for in fact these particular type of craft have been spotted through out the world as well as caught on various many different cameras. It is very reminiscent of the same type of craft seen floating in orbit around the shuttle in years past or the hundreds if not thousands of the the so called fleet of orbs swarming over central mexico a few years ago and caught on camera.

It is looking very possible that daylight sightings are more acceptable for them now that we are nearing our frequential timeline to have everyone caught up and ready for the shift. They have sent numerous messages stating this would be so in 2011 even way back as far as 2007 is what I can remember personally. And here we are, seeing it in live color and around the world.

They are not a threat of course, for they have technologies well beyond our capability to withstand, yet they playfully hide and poke about. Akin to the chaperon at a dance or field trip.

Another hoaxproof shot on record for Feb in my estimations. See a trend?

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