Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Meeting with Bashar, (an extradimensional entity talks candidly)

So the video you are about to watch is of a man named Daryl Anka who "channels" an energy named "Bashar"....who is said to be his "future self" incarnated into a race called the Esasani. Bashar has been talking for years to many in the know about some rather forward thought driven concepts that would normally just puddle your mind if out of Daryl's mouth alone. In this instance tough, Daryl is only a "mouthpiece" or "puppet" for the energy who actually takes control over and brings about these concepts to us on this planet at this time.

Far fetched or ridiculous to hear about, but he is rather spontaneous with his remarks when questioned by a random studio audience each session in different cities all over the world. His answers are fantastically constructed, feasible and advanced concepts that still years later.....impress the atoms out of my skull. Please give him a few minutes of your time before you make a decision either way. Everytime I show this to a new person, its a 100% successful new fan ratio rate. Enjoy

(Click the bottom right corner of stream to fullscreen)

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