Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Jerusalem UFO debate

There has been a rash of UFO videos coming out of Israel in the last several days and I have been monitoring the situation since it broke. At first, I was hesitant as any one should with video of any event -whether it be worldly or otherwise. After careful review and pouring over the many angles that have filtered in as well as using personal experience from my own encounters, I can definitely say that this is either an entirely genuine event, or state sponsored elaborate hoax. Given the video quality, one would lean towards hoax. But the mannerisms and synchronization between all the videos actually fit. Here are the best candidates to legitimize the reality of the situation.

This video starts off as random captured video while some some kids are out joyriding or whatever late at night. They are speaking Hebrew and near the end of the clip the catch sight of the object at hand. By itself not to sizzling, but together with the others, great evidence.

This next video is actually the most debatable of the set yet together with the rest, may be able to stand on its legs as genuine.

a side by side of 2 people who were together and shooting from different cell phones. They are synchronized to show maximum compatibility and fit pretty damn well.

Jerusalem UFO 2011 Two Videos Synchronized
Uploaded by kiLLuminati27

Once again, this is a developing event and a more detailed follow up is planned later in the week.

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