Wednesday, December 22, 2010

90GB of data stored in 1g of DNA

"Researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong have succeeded in demonstrating data storage and encryption with bacteria."

Mainstream science has finally cracked the code of genetics to be able to insert their own data of their choosing to code pieces of DNA.   Upwards to 90 GB in a minuscule 1 g sample of bacteria DNA could be implanted in any biological entity.  This is a feat that Metaphysicists in many esoteric circles have been able to privately accomplish for thousands of years.  Albeit in not such a definable way as "science" would have you believe.  All DNA in essence is coded information. Metaphysics holds the key to alter and recode said DNA without the use of machines and external influences.  The "Inner-Technologies" of a metaphysicist allow the individual to be his own "programmer" of his own data stores.  Once the proper techniques have been learned and self utilized, the recoding of your own genetic material is possible right away and without the aid of modern science in ANY way shape and form. 

Latent psychic potentials have and can be unlocked.  Genetic deficiencies such as diabetes and inherited disease can be self healed and eradicated with simple meditative states that allow the user to travel in "microscopic" viewpoint into their own DNA strands and re arrange it all at the MOLECULAR and even ATOMIC levels with as much ease as a point and click interface.  These scenarios may sound far fetched, but tribal medicine men and shaman have been doing such things deep within their trance like states induced from the usage of various ethnobotanicals and hallucinogens such as DMT -"the spirit molecule" and ayahuasca.

"Modern science" would have you believe that the miracles of such genetic wizardry is only a blink away in the future.  "Metascience" and the esoteric knowledge inherent within it will have you know that these miracles HAVE been available from the beginning of time and through to the future of our species. 

It is the goal of organizations such as FizzixThinkTank and others to let the modern world know that we have the ways means and capability to bring a world free of disease and hunger from the simplest acts of consciousness once its raw energetic potentials have been unlocked in the entire world's populations as a whole.

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