Sunday, January 2, 2011

ON the Topic of the Hollow Earth and Agartha

Today we touch base on an often ridiculed "theory" that gets very little attention and inspection as much as it should deserve.  Mainstream science and textbook schooling has basically made the debate of such a topic a moot point.  What I present to you now is the FACT that the Earth is not only round and not flat, but the whole time "hollow" as well with polar openings on both sides of the globe allowing access into an inner world with its own skies, oceans, and land masses.  When looking into the "sky" while in the hollow Earth, you would see not dirt or rock, but an actual inner earth "sun" complete with its own sky, clouds, and vibrant and lush ecosystems on its inner land masses.

Why wouldn't have the news, governments, NASA, school systems and militaries say otherwise if they did happen to know the truth in the upper echelons of knowing.  It would totally upset the control super structure they have so long ook to build and maintain of the "worker" class of mankind.  Keeping them dumb in subservience and ignorance of what really lies beneath their own feet ....of their true origins and future that is possibly within their reach...Of advanced civilizations that have been overwatching the outer world with a benevolence of a caring gardener that waters a garden of fruit that does not it is fruit.  There is too much to touch base on this speculation I bring forth in just one post, but I hope to spark intelligent question and debate to help enlighten others as to a true truth  than they have otherwise been told.

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