Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Science finally catches up to Metaphysics

Now a team of scientists has discovered Möbius symmetry in metamaterials -- materials engineered from artificial "atoms" and "molecules" with electromagnetic properties that arise from their structure rather than their chemical composition."

My research with FizzixThinkTank has yielded these "scientific" findings 4 years prior to this in private research. How does one publish such things to an unbelieving "scientific" community? They don't. Metaphysics does not seek glamor or recognition. Just expansion of knowledge.

Good Effort though Science.


jim said...

Yeah science sucks!!!!!
Those stupid scientists do everything for fame and fortune.. trying to prove things that don't even exist!!!

spinladen said...

what has textbook science done for ou besides shovel regurgitated non science down your throat. Laws become unbreakable and theories made into matter of fact. Yup. Try doing that with a "fringe" science and see how far that'll get ya? Not a where "academically" but everywhere in actual esoteric knowledge and understanding itself. I like to straddle the fenceposts of both worlds and make the best of the borderlands myself. Cake that floats your boats.