Monday, May 4, 2009

Planet X takes a peak from out behind sun's glare today

I'll let the strong visual statement hear speak for itself. Clearly not a "glare".


Anonymous said...

That's light refraction inside your camera lens housing. It's a common occurrence and it can be replicated at any time with almost any video or still camera. You are fooling yourself, and no one else.

It's possible there's a planet X, but this is not evidence thereof.

Brenna E. Adams said...

Hey those are some good pics, I took one last week, you can see it here:

Anonymous said...

It looked like a flare to me as well... in the beginning. But what is causing it to disappear behind the cloud later in the video?

I'm willing to entertain that it might be some type of wierd refraction in the atmosphere (like a rainbow) but this is definitely not a normal occurance.