Monday, September 22, 2008

Primer: Navigating 4th/5th dimensional reality

The subliminal message that keeps coming to mind is:
“It’s the teaching, not the teacher that is important” ….
….and what you may more easily relate to:
“It’s the message, not the messenger that is important”.

And now for a message from "Through the Veil" of our unconscious.

This message will not make sense to many at first, because not many people are firmly anchored in the 4th or 5th dimensions yet. But you SOON will be, and this message will make ALL the difference in the world for you to understand exactly what that means, and how to successfully navigate...and enjoy it.


Why does it all seem so different?
Simply because it is different; it is very different.
Why do you feel and sense these changes?
Because the changes are upon you. Have been upon you for a considerable time. It is only the collective impact of the changes that now causes them to force their way into your intuitive sensing, your senses.
We have come to you many times and spoken of change have we not. We have warned you of change. We have spoken of the changes yet to come.
We have spoken of how they will affect you, your being-ness, and how you will sustain yourself within your physical environment.
What you have actually achieved is, you have moved out of your previous vibratory existence. You have moved into another level within multiple levels of existence. You are not in the knowing of this.
Are you aware that you not only create and co-create your life; you actually create and co-create other levels of existence? Yes, you actually construct, manufacture, and conjure up another vibratory level of existence that is admirably and adequately suited to the level that you have now moved to.
It is like first creating a small chink of light between levels and you then expand that chink until it becomes a crack and then a doorway and then it opens up to a portal into a whole new level of existence.
Within these levels of existence, within a level of existence within another level of existence, and so on and so forth you create these, you create these for your selves. You create them as a schoolyard, as a school ground, as a learning ground, as your playground, your creative playground.
Levels are not created, constructed, and confined to a specific or certain number. You are aware that everything must continue to grow and expand. Everything, everything from the initial spark from the Creator, from the Creator source, continues to unfold and expand and grow. Everything goes on towards infinity; not an infinity point but to an infinite continuation of unfoldment, of expansion.

Your universe like millions of others continues to expand. There is no limit to this expansion. There will never come a time when it has reached its parameters or its perimeters because it can never be stifled or confined. The unfoldment, that growth, that progress will never cease; cessation will never happen. And so you see as these newer energies, as these changed frequencies impinge upon your planet and everything upon it including you, as these energies impinge upon you, you will all register the effect of those energies in a very different manner.
They will be similar and yet different. Different simply because you are all at different levels of advancement at any one time.
Some are further down the path than others. And so the energy will impinge upon you and you will use that energy, you will actually tailor that energy to fit you in a manner similar to the way that a tailor will manufacture a suit of clothing for you. So too do you take that energy and manufacture a suit-able energy around you that permeates, that drives you, that carries you forward.
You tailor for your self an energy construct, an energy formula, a pattern that is best suited to you at this point in time. Not at a previous point, not at a future point, but at this specific point in time.

Each and every soul incarnate being an individual and sovereign will tailor for themselves a suit of energy to carry them from this mile-marker to the next.

Pathways. Pathways are not singular as in a single pathway that all souls walk and share. Pathways are not horizontally aligned; they do not run horizontally concurrent with each other. Pathways do not run vertically concurrent with another's. Pathways are as multiple, as myriad, and as different, as every soul incarnate at any one particular point in time.
And so you see when we hear you have your discussions regarding your pathways we would like you to understand that pathways do not run in any one direction such as north and south or up-and-down or side to side.
Every pathway is different. Every soul incarnate will walk a different pathway. Every soul incarnate will have a different pathway that is dotted and marked with different experiences. And it will have its mileage markers, its positional pegs, and it will be measured by those lessons and experiences at those points.
Add to that the benefits gained, forward strides taken and clearly marked by those positional pegs.
You are familiar with the fact that some pathways are smooth; some may have patterns of rocks and patterns of hills and valleys because that is the terrain of the pathway that you have created for your self. No one else created it for you. No one else helped or assisted you to create it. You selected it and created it for your self. You chose for your self. You selected the experiences that you would like to have, the lessons that you would like to have; you selected these as opportunities to try out your powers.
You selected all of the up hills and down dales, the wet and dry, the hot and the cold. You selected all of the alternating experiences on your pathway to assist you to remember who and what you really are.
You have to be challenged. You have to be challenged to remember who and what you truly are. You have to be challenged to remember how powerful you truly are. And so you created your own challenges, no one else did except you.
No one else can create the challenge for you because they have nothing to gain. There is no benefit for them unless in conjunction with another soul you have decided conjointly to experience a lesson, to walk that portion of the pathway together.
As you go along the pathway; you grow in stature, stature as in the power, the intensity, the compounding energies, the colours of the energy-being that you are, of the energy suit that you have tailored for your self to carry you to where you are at this portion of your journey. You then continuously and almost imperceptibly at times alter your pathway.
It is like grow and go; you grow as you go, you grow your pathway and then you go again, and then you grow and go some more, and then you grow some new things on your pathway.

When you reach a stage where this energy that you are now, that you be, is no longer suited to this level and is better suited to a higher and finer level, a more sophisticated space, so then you create that space.
You create a small crack, a chink of light, you order it to open, you expand it, and there is your creation. It is a pristine, virgin, space. A pristine, a newly-born reality; and it is yours and yours alone. As a woman gives birth to a child who is by her, of her, through her, it is her child and it always will be. So too is your new space your child because you conceived it, you birthed it, and then you nurture it, you bring it into maturity.
And so now you have just created your new creative playground. It’s your playground, your learning ground, your new ground for experience. It's your ground, it's yours, it's yours alone and nobody else's.
You will inhabit that space. You will enjoy that space because it is eminently suited to not only your level of creativity but also allows for expansion because as your creative powers grow so too does your creative space expand.
And yes, you can look back at other spaces, other realities, other levels of energy. You can look back like looking through a pane of glass and see some of your fellow souls, as well as your brothers and sisters in the flesh; you can look through your window and you can see what they are doing. And they may not join you and you cannot join them and that's why you feel a sense of separateness.
How often do you hear incarnate souls say “we have grown apart”, “we do not socialize together anymore”, “we have different views, different desires, thoughts, and opinions”. Well of course you do because you have grown apart and you are separate but only in the context of differing vibratory levels, different spaces that you now occupy.
There is no such thing as separateness per se because all is one. All is connected to the One. All emanates from the One and will remain in the One.
However you will experience feelings of separateness simply because of the divisions, the invisible line drawn between the energetic spaces and realities.

Whilst you are in your space enjoy it. Do not allow souls from other spaces, other realities, other playgrounds, to influence you or have any effect upon you or your pathway, your choices of lessons and experiences. Leave them. Leave them alone and ask that they leave you alone. Foster friendship with souls walking their pathway in this and other realities but not to the extent that you cannot disentangle your energy from the leaden anchor of the energy of those inhabiting the lower levels of gross materialism and things associated with the solid matter of what you call the third dimension.
Those souls are struggling to rise to your level but go on ahead, go on, enjoy your life and your being-ness, have fun within your creative space; it is your creative playground. So go ahead and play and enjoy yourself. Seek to discover who and what you truly are. Seek is to rediscover your powers. And as you rediscover portions of those powers so too will you rise. So too will you find that the space that you occupy is getting a little cramped, a little restrictive, and that you need a new space once more.
And like a breath of fresh air when you enter the new space that you have created the first thing that you will notice is that everything appears pure, pristine, untouched….. and that is because it is.
It cannot have been previously inhabited because you just created it. You just birthed it. It could not have been used or abused by any other entity because you just created it around your self and for your self. And no one else may enter there unless their energy is entirely compatible with yours and you invite and allow them to enter therein.
And they will not come into that space; they will come into a space similar in energy structure to yours, close to yours. But they will not enter your sovereign space. That is for you and you alone.
And so I say to you have fun children. Have fun: switch on the party lights; let go the party balloons, set off the fireworks.
So dear children have fun: this is your creative playground: so come out to play. There is nothing to fear. Come out to play my dear children!

I do hope that these words that I have spoken this evening have served to open a window for you, a doorway for you to walk through and discover what these creative spaces are really all about. I hope that my words this evening have clarified certain things that you may have pondered and wondered about.
Yes dear souls, be adventurous, become your own explorer which you already are. Know that you are the adventurer, explorer. You are your own magician. You are your own wizard, and my dear friend Merlin stands here beside me and claps at those words and sings his encouragement to you.

It has been a wonderful pleasure to be here with you. Not in your space because your space is reserved for you but in a space that we have created suited to us, to our medium, and to you dear ones.
Thank you and good evening.”

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