Friday, March 7, 2008

Scientific proof of telekinesis, channeling & the ascension

I just came upon quite an interesting read as I'll ever get into. Pretty surprising considering more than half of it is theoretical mathematics equations that pretty much sum up scientifically just how mind (mental) powers are interacting with not only matter, but also on the spiritual/ethereal/astral/virtual/galactic planes. Also pretty much breaks down the hierarchal levels of universal consciousness. All in all, bout the most scientific proof a skeptic could ask for, especially when in relation to channeling and the ascension. Pick up a pencil and do the math yourself. It's real folks. Don't believe me? Like I said, read this 80 page report, fresh from the presses over at Los Alamos National Laboratories. Home to the A bomb and deep underground military bases that stretch the whole world.

Check out this choice selection from page 54:
We put forward a conjecture, that even teleportation or spatial exchange of
macroscopic number of coherent atoms between very remote regions of the Universe
possible via coherent Psi-channels. If this consequence of our theory will be
confirmed, we get a new crucial method of the instant inter-stars propulsion.

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