Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Message to Humanity-from Ashtar Command

Message from Ashtar to humanity.
Through Mark Stearn.
23rd April, 2008.
Greetings dearest friends,
It appears to have been much time since I have spoken. But what is time anyway? Greetings from a new vibration. I have gone through an initiation since we have spoken last as have many of your friends that was required of us if we were to continue working with you. The question thrown up on earth was how accurate is spirit and how are they actually serving humanity? This question came up at council meetings all over the cosmos and a new decree was issued from prime central sun that stated that it was necessary to in fact take a class and spend some time upgrading our vibration. We take working with you very seriously, well not too seriously we hope but we do wish to be of the utmost service in any way we can.
We do not wish our words to be interpreted out of context and so from this point on we wish to take a new tack in working with you and this is to place far more emphasis on working for yourselves with what we provide. Information given forth is not to be simply cast aside but indeed to be considered carefully for someone has taken the time to sit down and write. Anyway enough and to business. As I have said I greet you from a new vibration and from a new consciousness, the one who is already incarnate from the new earth that you so carefully now approach.
It is a time of preparation on your planet. New Earth is prepared to meet you at any time. Her form is crystalline. Much new crystal creation is at hand. It is a constant process of assessing where your planet is at and what is needed the most. Much of the transmutation work has been done at this point. What is required now is a shift in consciousness to catapult you beyond where you have gone before. You have reached a point where there is no returning to the old. What has been done before has been washed away.
Your planet is cleaning house like never before. With the new crystal upgrades she is being provided with she can repair her form like never before. You are currently in a number of spin cycles. These spin cycles cause an upsurge in your planet’s electromagnetic vibrations and redefine what is actually occurring so quickly now on your earth. Earth is being redefined from the core outwards. All change begins from the centre of earth and filters out around her form. The Earth is never the same from one end of the day to the next.
You will know when you are to truly move house in your conscious mind. There will be an unmistakable air of newness that can be clearly felt and the planet will have reached her zero point that will require a serious burst of energy for her to maintain her space. This space is already been prepared. You are approaching a time of no time. It is an exciting time to be alive. That is all for now. I will speak again presently.
I am your friend,

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