Friday, February 29, 2008

How Mars and Venus are affected by carbon monoxide

I can't believe almost all Diggers here have no chemistry knowledge whatsoever!! Carbon does NOT rise into our atmosphere. Does NOT cause a hole in the ozone layer. It is HEAVIER than normal mixed atmosphere, therefore, the most you can expect is the trademark "smog".Global warming was invented in the late 60's by the Russian's to slow the US economy in world terms. A few years later though, the US reversed its stance on it even though it had conclusive proof back then it was a sham. They reversed it because the Oil producing nations fell in line with the Russian's on the "theory" as to raise oil prices during the 70's "shortages". More money is made this way. Not to mention by the early 80's, the US, and USSR had pretty much secretly made an alliance against a new common "threat". Nibiru (Planet X) was discovered back then as the real cause of global warming even back then.Every planet in the solar system has been gradually getting their own version of warming as Planet X and it's dwarf nemesis star have been nearing. Jupiter has grown a new red spot recently. Saturn has a raging polar hurricane of perfect symmetry 4 times the diameter of the earth, mar's polar features have changed since original photos were taken, and venus and mercury join the club as well. These are all known NASA facts. Just the won't tell you why. If you have seen Deep Impact, that scenario is pretty much happening now. Hundreds of Phd's have spent decades researching this fact.PROOF of its existence has been found in thousands of artifacts kept tightly in British "museum" vaults. OUR own magnetic pole has been changing by a few degrees a year since the late 90's. FACT. Every few thousand years in our geologic record, traces of magnetic reversals are layered about like so many pancakes. NASA says since they have started recording the sunspot cycles, the current one we are entering in, cycle 24, is to be the most active peak in.... 2012. Everything that is going on right now in the world is almost directly tied to it even if you don't see it.The Doomsday seed bank; Iraq/Iran wars (to keep our attention focused away from the real deal); Bush's constant circus side show going on with practical partisan support (probably for "National Security Reasons"); Biggest deficit in world history (got to pay for all the black programs and tunnel systems without public knowledge); Countless thousands of UFO sightings by millions of people worldwide (exponentially so in last several months); France admitting full disclosure of all its UFO data to its citizens; The UN's meeting last week to discuss the "alien threat."Please Digg. Please. Open your eye's on this 1. For all you paid debunker's, I have ammassed quite the collection of citings behind everything I say. Just ask.

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